Cooper creek floodplains

Dead burnt tree in floodplains

These photos show you how harsh or rewarding the dry Australian outback can be for plant life. The first photo shows a tree that had burnt down long before but is now in floodplains This second photo shows a big gum tree that has not been affected by the harsh Australian conditions like many others.

Sunset over the Murray

This was the view we had to put up with most nights while we were on a houseboat on the Murray river. It wasn’t difficult to enjoy our time on the houseboat.

Up the Murray

Murray sunset

Looking up the Murray River from the deck of the houseboat we rented for the week.

Murray floodplains

Murray River floodplains

Looking over the Murray River floodplains while we were on a houseboat.

Tree roots

Tree roots

A dead tree in the Murray River where the soil had been washed away from the root system over the years.