Bee on a flower

Travel photography Bee

We were walking to a lookout on the Kalbarri coast when I saw this Bee collecting nectar from a flower.

Sea Lion on the beach

Travel photography sea lion

A sea lion that had washed up onto one of the beach’s in Coffin Bay National Park South Australia.  

Dolphin fishing

Travel photography dolphin

One of the dolphins we saw herding Salmon towards one of the beach’s at Coffin Bay National Park. There were three dolphins that we saw working as a team to move the fish to a certain area and then strike.

Young monitor (Perenti)

A young monitor that we saw while walking around Arid lands botanical garden. I think it could be a perenti which can grow up to two metres in length.

Cattle mustering contest

Travel photography cattle mustering

When we went for a trip to Maree in June 2011 we were hoping to see the camel cup, but when we got there we found out that we were a month too soon. Luckily they had their annual cattle mustering championships on. Here are some shots of a cattleman lassoing a calf.  

Small bird

Travel photography Ayers rock

A small bird that landed on a dead tree branch near us while doing the base walk at Ayers rock.


Travel photography flamingo

Adelaide zoo has two Flamingos on display, on the first day we only saw one bird with its head in the water and the other with its head on its back under the feathers. We saw the same on our second trip to the zoo. But on the third day they were standing up flapping [...]

Rainbow lorikeets

Rainbow lorikeet

Some Rainbow lorikeets we saw at Adelaide zoo.



A lion cub with two of the other lions not far away.

Black Rhino

Black rhino

Monarto zoo’s Black Rhino having a rest on a hot day. He had just been in the mud pit that morning to keep himself cool. The black rhino is smaller than the white rhino but a lot more agressive so you are not allowed near them like you are the white rhino.