Kata Tjuta

Travel photography Kata Tjuta

Our family did the Valley of the winds walk through Kata Tjuta while it was raining lightly, we were very lucky to be able to see the area with rain but even luckier to see small waterfalls and the creek bed with over half a metre of water in it. The creek bed is the normal walking [...]

Uluru (Ayers rock) base walk

Travel photography Uluru base walk

We took the kids for a 9.5km walk around the base of Ayers rock in Sept 2010. The walk seemed a lot longer than 9.5 km’s, but it was worth every step. We loved being able to walk around and see Uluru from up close as we had only ever seen photos of it from [...]

Uluru (Ayers rock) in clouds

Travel photography Ayers rock

This photo was taken by one of my children of Uluru while we were driving to it and it was surrounded by clouds.  

Kata Tjuta in clouds

Olgas in clouds

We were lucky enough to see Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) which are in central Australia on a rainy day and surrounded by clouds. It was a wonderful day walking through there and seeing so much water in an area that is usually so dry and baron.

Tree carvings


A group of trees carved into figures near Penola in South Eastern SA.

Farina ruins


Some ruins of an old town that was serviced the old Ghan railway in outback SA before the train line was closed down.  

Curdimurka Siding


Curdimurka Siding was an old railway stop on the Ghan train line in outback SA. They used the stop to fill the steam engine with water they had sourced from the mound springs along the Oodnadatta track and also rain water.

Kanyaka ruins


The ruins from the old homestead and stables of Kanyaka station in the Flinders Ranges in SA.

Red water

Red water

This is a large pool of red water that we saw while following Cooper Creek back from Lake Eyre in the helicopter.  

Garden of Eden

Central Australia Garden of Eden Kings Canyon NT

This shot was taken while doing the rim walk at Kings Canyon NT looking down into the garden of Edan.