Travel photography Busselton Jetty

Some more photos of Busselton. We had a great day exploring the jetty and the underwater observatory. When the kids had had enough of looking underwater we caught the train back to the start of the jetty and walked to the swimming area and let the kids swim for the rest of the afternoon.  

Busselton Jetty

Travel photography Busselton Jetty

We spent an afternoon in Busselton is the South West of WA. They have the longest jetty with wooden pylons in Australia, it is 1800m long with an underwater observatory at the end. The water there is crystal clear and they have a big roped off area for kids to swim in.

Cattle mustering contest

Travel photography cattle mustering

When we went for a trip to Maree in June 2011 we were hoping to see the camel cup, but when we got there we found out that we were a month too soon. Luckily they had their annual cattle mustering championships on. Here are some shots of a cattleman lassoing a calf.  

Fire twirling

Travel photography fire twirling

A couple of people fire twirling at a homeschooling camp on Raymond Island.

Hard day

Lazy day

My two oldest children having a rest from their hard life of travelling.

Paper Lantern

Paper lantern

This paper lantern was made by another home schooling mother while on a camp on Raymond Island in 2010.

Getting to Granite Island

Horse drawn tram

The horse drawn tram you can catch to get over to Granite Island. Granite Island is a small Island just off Victor Harbour in SA and is home to a colony of fairy penguins.  



Our footprints at Lake Eyre.  

Edmund making footprints

Edmund footprints

Edmund walking out to Lake Eyre from Mulrrina station public access route.  

Lucy’s footprints

Lucy at Lake Eyre

My little lady Lucy running to the water at Lake Eyre and leaving a long line of footprints.