About Me

About Me

Capturing Timeless Images


Jarrad Page, a keen photographer, has travelled Australia since 2009.  He travels with his wife and four children aged eleven, nine, seven and three.  Living out of an RV, he enjoys being “out bush” and exploring both on foot and by four-wheel drive.  The family is frequently found off the beaten track in the remote Aussie outback.

The stunning photography of Australian wildlife and landscapes are drawing attention and praise.  Capturing the timeless Australian images of travels, but not necessarily travel photos; animals, landscapes, regions, places and experiences that have influenced and affected what we’ve seen and done.

The photos themes are frequently connected to family, children, travelling, wildlife, animals, scenery, tourism, and Australia in general.  Jarrad started this website to share and showcase his photographic work.



The family’s travelling adventures are shared at Livin On The Road.  This website is to showcase the photos.