Hamersley Gorge

Travel Photography Hamersley Gorge

We were spending a couple of weeks around Karijini National Park in the Pilbra and we saw numerous beautiful gorges while there. But the one gorge that we were going to bypass was going to be Hamersley as it was a 65km drive on a corrugated road. Fortunately for us we headed around the northern border of Karijini [...]

Lake Eyre

Travel photography Lake Eyre

These photos were taken when we did a helicopter flight over Lake Eyre in August 2011. We chose to do  the flight because the lake was over 80% full and still filling up so it a rare opportunity to be able to see it with so much water and bird life. Usually the Lake Eyre basin [...]

Uluru (Ayers rock) base walk

Travel photography Uluru base walk

We took the kids for a 9.5km walk around the base of Ayers rock in Sept 2010. The walk seemed a lot longer than 9.5 km’s, but it was worth every step. We loved being able to walk around and see Uluru from up close as we had only ever seen photos of it from [...]

Arid lands

Arid lands

Arid lands is a desert botanical garden that is located in Port Augusta South Australia. It is not your usual botanical garden with green grass and tall trees and beautiful flowers, the gardens show what trees, shrubs and flowers grow in outback Australia where there is not much water but lots of hot days. And [...]

Salt Bubble

salt bubble

When we walked out into Lake Eyre the groung changed from sand and dust to a thin layer of salt, to a thick layer of salt with all of these dry bubbles and cracks.  

Red water

Red water

This is a large pool of red water that we saw while following Cooper Creek back from Lake Eyre in the helicopter.