Small bird

Travel photography Ayers rock

A small bird that landed on a dead tree branch near us while doing the base walk at Ayers rock.


Travel photography flamingo

Adelaide zoo has two Flamingos on display, on the first day we only saw one bird with its head in the water and the other with its head on its back under the feathers. We saw the same on our second trip to the zoo. But on the third day they were standing up flapping [...]

Rainbow lorikeets

Rainbow lorikeet

Some Rainbow lorikeets we saw at Adelaide zoo.

Hawk in flight


A Hawk we saw in outback SA

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey

An Eagle and a another bird of prey we saw while driving along the Birdsville track in outback SA.



An Eagle that we saw while driving along the Birdsville track in outback SA.



Some Pelicans we saw on Cooper Creek.

Duck Farm

Duck Farm

This is a Duck farm where I did some electrical work in Birchip in Western Victoria.  

Emu Family

Emu family

We saw this family of Emus in the Flinders Ranges near Wilpena Pound. I had stopped the car and caravan and entered the scrub with my camera . The chicks can run quite fast even though they have very short legs. I was able to follow them for about 10 mins until my memory card [...]

Flock of birds taking off

Lake Eyre 3

A big flock of birds taking off when they heard the helicopter coming. Taken over Lake Eyre August 2011.