Young monitor (Perenti)

A young monitor that we saw while walking around Arid lands botanical garden. I think it could be a perenti which can grow up to two metres in length.

Angry Stumpy Tail

Angry Stumpytail

We saw this Stumpy Tail lizard at one of the camp areas in Lincoln National Park SA and found out that if you get too close they get a little bit narky. Although it doesn’t look like they have teeth.

Big Monitor

Monitor in a tree

Big Monitor that walked right past where we were camped and climbed up the tree.  

Little Lizard

Little Lizard

Little lizard sunning itself on a rock on the walk to Redbank Gorge in the West Macdonnell Ranges.  


Spiky Lizard

A spiky lizard that was sunning itself and did not move a muscle. Say hello to my little friend.   Eventually I have to pick it up and move it well off the road.