Looking out over the Southern Ocean

Looking out over the Southern Ocean

These photos were taken from a lookout in Lincoln National Park overlooking the southern ocean.



Our footprints at Lake Eyre.  

Edmund making footprints

Edmund footprints

Edmund walking out to Lake Eyre from Mulrrina station public access route.  

Lucy’s footprints

Lucy at Lake Eyre

My little lady Lucy running to the water at Lake Eyre and leaving a long line of footprints.  

Salt Bubble

salt bubble

When we walked out into Lake Eyre the groung changed from sand and dust to a thin layer of salt, to a thick layer of salt with all of these dry bubbles and cracks.  

Red water

Red water

This is a large pool of red water that we saw while following Cooper Creek back from Lake Eyre in the helicopter.  

Sunset at Cooper Creek Punt


A beautiful sunset photo taken at the campground where we were staying at the Cooper Creek Punt.

Edmund on a sand dune.

Edmund on a sand dune

My little man on a sand dune before he ran across it. We were driving along the Young Husband Peninsula SA and went of the beach track to a beautiful little dune area. Checking out his footprints.  

Garden of Eden

Central Australia Garden of Eden Kings Canyon NT

This shot was taken while doing the rim walk at Kings Canyon NT looking down into the garden of Edan.  

Snow Cave

Snow Cave

The kids in a snow cave that we dug out with a shovel the day before we left the snow.